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Final Sem =)

Today marks the very last exam for Sem I and the beginning of long awaited though short lived holidays. Yay!! And then it will be my final sem of Uni foreverrrrrrrrr double yays ^^. I can’t wait to be done with Uni once and for all because all my friends have graduate already T____T Sucks to be the last, albeit my course takes the longest but stillllll. Everyone already well into their working lives and world and here I am bloody 24 years old and still haven’t earn a single day’s pay yet. How sadddd. But oh well. My turn gonna come very very very soon heheheheeh. I cannot believe it has finally come down till this final semester because I never thought I’ll come this far =) Not like I think I’m gonna fail or whatever but, it’s just I never thought I’ll live to see this day. Not like I think I’m gonna die la, I dunno what I’m saying haha doesn’t make sense at all but you know, it just feels so surreal that four and a half years has passed and now I am five months away from being licensed to drill and fill. wEeeeeeee kekeke. I haven’t even graduated yet and already I’m over the moon. It’s probably the post exam excitement. Oh and my brain’s not working well cos been sleep deprived since I don’t know when and it’s already 2 am and I still cannot get myself to sleep. Spending every moment of my holiday doing shit and pointless stuff just seemed so much more productive than sleeping. I don’t know what kinda screwed up mentality I have there cos I reckon I need sleep more than anything now lolol. Anyway, this is just a short update. Can’t wait to enjoy holidays heheheheh. Though I’ll to be back to Uni for half of the week to pull out some poor patient’s teeth. But it’s ok. At least I get some days off. I learnt to be grateful for complaining gets me no whr lol. So yea. I shall just be happy with what I have (perhaps a little fight for what I don’t have but not too much that I come across as a hypocrite) lol. But yea right this very moment, I am really loving life =) Thank you God and everyone who is or has been part of it cause nothing is more important than enjoying life. I hope you guys r having a great life too =) Toodles~


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