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It’s been awhile

Cos i forgot the existence of my blog once again. i really think this is gonna die hahaha. Anyway. My exams are over and my results are out and I am very grateful to say that I passed both yippeee. But then another two exams coming in Oct which will be my very last ones OMGWTFBBQ and super hard too!!

Otherwise been busy with clinic trying to finish off all my units which is pretty much done thank god and I just need to focus on exams after that. And also doing loads of other crap to get pr and driver’s liscence! So so sooooo much stuff to prepare. Ielts test and all that. Sigh sigh sigh.

And I got a job which I dunno whether is a good or bad thing since it’s kinda early still and loads of other stuff which I’m unsure about. Hmmmmm.

Uncertainties creep the hell out of me. FML

There’s around 3 more months left till graduation OMGWTFBBQYAY. I really want it to be over and done withhhhh =) Anyway. That’s basically all the updates I have and if you know me you would have known all that lol. So this is kinda useless.

Oh gonna be going to grand dent ball this saturday. Got forced into going sigh sigh but yea, should be awesome (hopefully). If not just go for booze package lor. I guess everything’s fun when u’re drunk enough. Yea yea yea? Not looking forward to dressing up and all that nonsense though. Ah well…

Anyway did I say why I wanna grad? Not just cos been sick of studying, but most important of all, sick of ADH. Sigh. I really really hate how some of them treat us students at times. I think we at least deserve some bloody respect for helping the public system relieve patients. And I am PAYING them to do help them see patients too!!! Sheesh. It’s not like I don’t appreciate the time we get with patients, it’s really an honour to be able to treat patients and all but sometimes some people can make it so difficult for us students and just make you lose interest in public system. I for one can’t wait to get out of it, very sad to say cause that’s where they need people most but with the treatment we get as students, do they really think anyone will stay after graduation? i know I won’t. I’m not saying it’s all crap cause there are some fabulous people, no doubt, just some minority which really ruin it all but then again I guess it’s the same everywhere. Ah well. I’ll miss ADH all in all, just don’t wanna go back. The thing is, community dental clinics which are part of the public system are like so freaking awesomeeeee. That kinda environment is what attracts people to public system just too bad that ADH works very differently. Ah well. Time to do some actually work. Buhbaisss..


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