Two more months to go

Then I’m all done and finish with dentistry! Yayness hehe. But so many hurdles to pass before I get to that point, feels like an awful short amount of time to do all the stuff I have to do. Le sigh. Anyway. Just thought I’ll update since it’s been a few months rofl. I seriously gonna close this down soon. Getting so boring AHHAHAHAHHAA.

Oooo I just collected my 50 free prints from K-Mart yay, finally get to utilise the photo album I got from last X’mas lol. Speaking of which it’s gonna be another X’mas soon! Exciting??? Yes and no lol. Gonna be my first X’mas in Aus but not really looking forward to the heat that comes with it =( I hate summer when it’s like 40 freaken degrees.

I’m also only just two weeks away from my final written exam and I haven’t touch a single page. FML. Gonna try study hard over the weekends sob sob. This is what you get for being over enthusiastic in fourth year and thought you’ll put your name down for the paedo selective. Spent a week in women’s and children hospital when I could be studying. It was quite good though – forced to pick up on some rare syndromes. Kids there all so sick. Some really battered, some still cheery and all. So so cuteeee =) But it’s really saddening seeing those little faces dose off under GA and get intubated. But the anesthetist was super amazing. Never ever let your child’s teeth get that bad till they need GA (unless if it’s medically compromised then bad luck la). But if you had the power to change it, do it early!!! Cos there’s no point crying over it when that’s your only option knowing full well if only you pushed them just a lil bit harder. Sigh. poor parents too, seeing your kid through all this ain’t gonna be any good.

Neway, should move on to happier things. We should just be very grateful of what we have. Being happy is the most important. Who cares bout what other people have? Who cares bout the person who’s bitching bout you on ur back? Just need to sit back and enjoy the ride. You’re living afterall kekeke. Plus happiness comes easy for me. Food. YAY. Shopping. DOUBLE YAYs. Graduation. I THINK I CAN DIE WITH NO REGRETS KINDA YAY.

And my BFF’s baby is coming woohooo =) Can’t wait for lil maddangi to meet the world lolololol. Should be due in three more weeks. I already have a kai zai, but this is a girl, that makes a pair of them!!

Anyhow, gonna attempt some studying. Which I think is not gonna happen but one should at least try right? Lol laters.


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