Yes. About ME. OMG. Sigh. I hated writing this sort of thing! But I didn’t want to leave it blank, or with the default intro. I never really knew what to write under these. For one, I didn’t want to introduce myself, going into the details of where I live and such (just in case if I happened to have a e-stalker, though the chances are slimmer than me actually getting slim, let me perasan a bit can MOU????). Two, who ever read this page anyway!!!? Oh well. I’m just going to copy it from Friendster……. to which I just discovered I had already freaking deleted it a while ago. FREAK. Zzzz. Ok, a new one. Erm…. Ah screw this. I’ll change it next time!


Right, so I did manage to update this part. Though no one will ever click into this page again (since most of my readers which are close to none have already read it). I’m just like so freaking bored, thus resorting to desperate measures like these and I can’t even believe I am actually doing this, despite the fact that I am typing this. Right, you still with me?

So let’s get down to business. I am a student as you all probably know already. And it is kind of obvious what I am studying, if not, you must be so lucky to missed out on me bitching bout school – no wait, make that rantings cause it’s not entirely as interesting as a bitchy post would be.

I have a pretty large family (in a sense) cause I live very close to my relatives, so I see them all the time, hence we are like just one big family wherever we go. And contrary to popular beliefs (wtfish, I know it doesn’t make sense but I just wanna use fancy words, though it’s not all that fancy, anyway, moving on…) I do not have a dog. In actual fact, I’ve never really had any pet. Are strays cats counted? Oh, my bro did manage to persuade my mum to buy this tortoise once and it died on us in a short, erm, I don’t really remember except for it being very very short, say like a week? Must be because we tickled it too much.

I belong to a cult group called T.A.G (FYI, it’s pronounced separately such as ‘T- A – G’ rather then ‘tag’, and no, we didn’t plagiarise from TAGHuer, whichever way it’s spelt, but yes, I’m getting so terribly bad with spellings, omg is it possible to develop dyslexism at old age, wait, is that even a proper word?). Anyway, my group is like the COOLEST of the century (now don’t you dare argue with me) and I heart my fellow TAGians very much =)

Shit, this is getting very long. I’ll just like, list 8 facts about me (that you might or might not know, but if you manage to tick everything off the list, you can officially call yourself my BFF – let me know though lol). Why 8? Cause 10’s too long and it’s sooo overused =)

  1. I can get very VERY angry at times, especially when having a spat with dumb dumb people who don’t know their place and don’t have a clue of what the fish they are talking bout. God, it freaking makes my blood boil and I just like blabber on and on in English very very VERY loudly. I know, weird choice but that seems to be the only language in which I can speak quickly and fluently, I tend to stutter in Canto, and even worse in Malay.
  2. Right. Only up to the second one and I am already out of stuff to say T____T Since the Aussie Open is on atm, I should just say I am all the way for Federer. Nadal can go kiss his smelly ass for all I care. So Fed, please please PLEASE win!!!! I know you can hahahahhaaaa (indulging myself in imaginations of Nadal missing out AGAIN) HAHAHAHA okok STOP. He will WIN ^^
  3. I am, or would like to think that I am a pretty good selflearner (not academically silly!). Stuff like er, html, Microsoft Word, cooking?, cutting my own fringe (right, that didn’t turn out so well) etc etc. Now that doesn’t sound convincing, does it?
  4. I like reading other people’s blogs. Especially those bitchy (in moderation and when necessary) and bimbotic ones. In a good way la. Not like those really super annoying-kiasu-in-your-face kind of bitch la, those I’ll still read but will complain on and on silently, debate and putting down their opinions like they’re entitled to none, roll my eyes and scoff with that I know you’re prettier but guess what I’m smarter to comfort myself (ok wtfish is my problem zzz)
  5. OMG, Fernando Verdasco just lost to Nadal, T_____T. I am a converted fan (Fed still on top of my list) like seconds ago. Verdasco was doing so damn well!!!! So this isn’t really a fact about myself, I get it, but just let it pass, shall we? (seriously, 8’s TOO damn hard)
  6. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I like denture classes more than crowns and bridges. Ortho is something in between. But freakishly, I seem to enjoy dentures most. Endo’s coming so maybe that’ll change my mind.
  7. I am a secret anti-fan of TVXQ. Right, not so secret anymore. Dunnola, I just don’t get it you know (sorry Han and Kee) and sometimes their fans are quite over the top tsk tsk tsk. Let me just stress that I am not talking about EVERYONE just in case some of them decides to kill me over this mere statement, plus I have never done anything really. This is probably as far as I would go, hmm.
  8. Phew, finally the last one. Uh. Ok, this is getting hard. Oh, I used to learn abacus when I was young. Didn’t really find it all that useful, but at least I can boast that I am that bit more of a chinese since I’m like a half banana (again, I shall STRESS that it’s only HALF since I can speak and read a bit, just not write, actually if I do the calculations properly, I’m probably closer to a 2/3 banana liao) and always get that you don’t deserve to be a chinese look.

Abrupt ending since I really need to get to bed.


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  1. 1

    viv said,

    lol i actually read it. 😀

  2. 2

    Lb said,

    you never know who’s reading it, hehe…

  3. 3

    sohpoh said,

    wah reli dunno. who’s lb?

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