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I got this real random email a few weeks ago and thought it was kind of stupid and just deleted it as junk. And then I got ANOTHER of those ridiculous email and thought this is getting really kind of annoying.


Wtf right? Someone must have been using my email acc to surf matchmaking sites. Or is it? HAHHAA, I mean look at all the grammatical errors. It looks more like a scam. How’s HASMIK a girl’s name? And where the hell is Armenia man? Does it even exist? Lolol. And most important of all is, I am no excellent man leh haha sibeh siao, I myself wanna get acquainted to an excellent man (whatever that means) HAHAHAHHAHA *wipes tear*.

Anyway, to other random things….


WHAHAHA sibeh funny. Don’t you think so? Lolol


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