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Newbie on Air Asia

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Hello world! I’m back in Adelaide, like I said, reluctantly. Anyway – I have sooo many things to do, and blog. Thought I shall start with the most recent one cause the rest are mostly just pictures, which can be found in FB, so words first.

For the first time, I took Air Asia back and it was, ekhem, unexpected I believe is the most fitting word. I had a lot of luggage (only had 15 kg luggage allowance) and so it was kind of annoying dragging the hand luggages all across the runway to board the plane. That was painful! It’s so damn far away ok and UP the flight of stairs, it was hell! The wonders of an air bridge! KLIA wins a mile in this! But in terms of price, Air Asia definitely wins hands down!

Then into the plane, first glance, the seats are damn small la. They’re like a bit smaller than conventional MAS and SIA ones. They have the 3 3 3 seats arrangement instead of 2 3 2. Lucky for us (I was travelling with a coussie) there wasn’t much people on the flight (according to a dude on the chatroom, 100+ only) and so the seats are empty so 2 of us took up 3 seats. And then it was wide as! Imagine having to cramp though, would have been horrible really. And the seats are reclinable in a special way. You don’t go backwards, rather the seat slides forward. So in a way you are reclining at you own expense of the leg space. I like that man! Everytime I’m on those MAS flights, those damn people always recline their freaking seat until I have no space to even place down the tray and the TV is practically IN my face. Uncivillised people, talk about tolerance tsk tsk tsk. Speaking of TV, the entertainment in Air Asia cost 30 ringgit/13 Aud but it still isn’t as great as MAS ones. MAS wins even though MAS has crappy entertainment too.

The food, hmm. Hard to comment on cos they’re equally shit (SIA is much MUCH better). Portion in Air Asia is smaller though – but they do have other snacks that you can purchase like 1901 hotdogs for 9 ringgit each, omg YUM! And MAS food has more variety I suppose, with bread and salad and what’s not. Oh by the way, outside food are not allowed in Ais Asia – there goes my thought of buying a prosperity burger meal lol. That would have been heavenly though!

Oh did I mention that I was flying on an airbus?!!! Though I couldn’t feel the difference la, but it’s still an airbus! Boeing sucks! (for no apparent reason lol). But it did ony take less than 8 hours to Melb. So 1 more flag for Air Asia! The air stewardess. First of all, let me just say SIA ones are definitely THE BEST (in terms of appearance, service etc), but I think MAS deserves a second except for the occasional rude ones who think her father owns the plane. Other than that, definitely a clean second. Air Asia stewardess has a damn ugg red uniform and they don’t tie up their hair, which I think is rather unhygienic, especially those damn long ones, like down to almost waist length. Imagine finding one of those in your nasi lemak. Ewww. And like when they bend over to like serve you food and having their hair brush across your face! That might have been a turn on if I was some old ah peks, but it’s just kind of gross, I mean, I do not know when is the last time you wash your hair right? And this isn’t aim towards all of them, but the head air stewardess has a damn weird tone of words. She was like explaining stuff over the PA system and she sounded so try hard it’s not even funny. By that I mean in like a sexy tone I supposed, but it sounded more slutty than what’s not. It’s like she added uh in a subtle way but oh so obvious after every syllabus, HOW FREAKING annoying is that? I swear I was this close to strangling her when she said “This flight is uh, D7 uh 27 uh 28”. Even my coussie was giving me that wth look, doesn’t understand a single word she’s saying.

The flight itself was ok, I mean I’m no expert in aviation so I dunno how much turbulence is considered ok and not so no comments on that except it was a safe flight. Which is important in my list. Other than that, I didn’t really have the chance to explore stuff, oh, the lavatory was smaller! But then Air Asia has newer aircrafts. Everything looks sparkly white! Overall, in terms of quality I will choose SIA first la, then MAS then only Air Asia. But if the price is considered, then maybe Air Asia or MAS first cause SIA is always so expensive T-T. Anyway, I think I didn’t leave out anything so that’s it! Off to grab some food now!


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