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History repeats itself

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What I meant was my stupidity. I just blogged about it like two posts ago. Anyway. To the story. I seriously cannot believe my luck (or rather my unluckiness). I woke up slightly later than usual (no thanks to my RC addiction, sighhhh I slept real late last night despite having early clinic the next day) and zoomed too the bus stop like usual. I arrived a bit later than usual – a few minutes later. Bad sign 1. And there’s no one in the bus stop. Bad sign 2. But I clearly remember not seeing a bus pass by while I was walking (if that makes sense). Good point 1. So I waited. Someone came and wait as well. Good point 2. Means I’m not that late. 5 minutes passed. No bus. NOT GOOD. It was like almost 10 to 9am and I was pretty certain at that point, I must have missed it! God damn it. So I walked hastily to the other bus stop for another bus and waited there for another good 5 minutes. And guess what. I saw the OTHER FREAKING BUS (which I supposingly missed)passed by. MEHHHH. I was so damn pissed ok! It was not supposed to come (like the next one) till 9am which is why I decided to change route and it never comes early cos the bus stop prior to mine is the checking stop thingy where the buses have to wait till the certain time before they take off. Which means it’s the bus that I intended to take in the first place. Seriously. What’s with me and buses. Sigh. So I walked back to the other bus stop cause I decided that bus is more reliable. Am I making sense? Anyway. The end point is, I’m an idiot and I should never go against my gut feeling. Please please remember that when you are doing MCQs in exam, s0hp0h. I always guess the RIGHT answer before my rational part of the brain tells me no, the other is more likely and my physical part of the brain always instruct my limbs to change the friggin answer. Sighness.

I know. My life is so boring till I have to resort to blogging about shit like these. Haha. Anyway, did I mention I studied a bit? I think I did already. But just to get the point across, I STUDIED OK (ma, you can relax now). Not a lot la, but at least I started. Which is always the hardest for me. Hmm. And and and did I mention I bought this eyeliner (stumbled finding) for 50% off? I’m so excited! Okla, I’m actually more excited about the 50% off than the eyeliner itself but who cares? I’m happy, the store’s happy, we all are happy ^^. But it is actually really cool la. It’s a Burjois liner with this dual effect when under one angle it’s black colour, under another angle, it’s blue. I don’t know if this is common or what, but I was seriously intrigued. Like heck wtfish, MUST BUY LA, wait what? 50% somemore very cheap lor! How to not buy you tell me. Sigh. Me and my auntiness.

On another note, winter’s coming in full force, and together with SWOTVAC, I can so seel myself eating crazily. I have to like eat after every lecture slide you know?It’s like the only motivation – besides thinking about graduation and the money I’ll make but that’s too far away so food will do T___T Anyway, my point is (which really isn’t related to me), I was getting my weekly dose of WTF news (namely WEIRD TRUE FREAKY) and saw this. Seriously wtfish. Can I get hypnotised toooooooooooo? Lolol. Not just for the weight, also get hypnotised for the exams are next week (Viv suggested tomorrow – but I seriously doubt it’ll work cause there’s not enough time to cram really and might really end in /wrist LOL) (ma, don’t worry, exams are NOT tomorrow). Speaking of which – I really should go study. Sigh. Brb in a day I reckon ^^


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– For not posting the Half BDS pictures as promised. Soon soon soon! I promised (muahaha, so overused I know)!

– For not getting back to u guys on the password thingy 1 day as promised! No internet at the moment, pls forgive meeeeeee! You guys are on the list, so no worries yea.

A little update on my doings. “Crashed” the Pharmacy pubcrawl yesterday. Crazy night. Pictures and details next time. Promise!! (I really willlll >.<).

Yesterday, I was at Payneham – was in the Supre big sale to pick some stuff for my friends. Should have done it the very first moment I looked at those cute dresses when they are ALL of a cruel size XXS (equivalent to size 0 I think?). Mehhhhhh. I need to gam fei liao, hmmmph! So yea, while I was walking back to catch a bus, aiyo, yesterday was a really weird day la. Sibeh unlucky lorrrr. Anyway, back to I was walking to bus stop, it turned out to be real filthy – lots of shit on the floor, everywhere! And a quick look at the ceiling (some abandonded shops), OMFG – there are rows and rows of wood, ideal for birds to rest, nest and crap. And then I saw the BIRD. Nola, I didn’t kena bird crap. I was scared of kena-ing, so stupid me decided to walk up to the next bus stop. It’s quite near. And when I reached the junction, a car was waiting to turn out. Silly me decided to walk in front of the car – too lazy to take a big turn behind it. And then the driver who was concentrating on the right side traffic, obviously didn’t see me, and zoomed out straight away when the road is free. Oh crap. I fasterly (wah, how come this word don’t exist, I think it’s a very good description lol) move out of the way. With no avail. Still kena bang. Calm down people. It’s at low speed, thank god. If not I think I won’t be sitting here writting liao. Live is so so short man. So yea, that’s my very first and light brush with accidents. Hopefully no next time. For the record, I didn’t panic. I was surprisingly calm during the “hit”. Maybe I know I wouldn’t be hurt? Anyway, thank you God for saving me!! I promise to walk behind cars next time!!! And to the lady who almost run me over – I’m so sorry!!! It’s actually me fault really!

Then the un-luckiness continued when I read the WRONG bus timetable. I went and took the other bus cause I thought I missed the other one – which is nearer and more convenient. Just to SEE the blardy bus passed right in front of me lor. Sibeh pffttttttt. But still I try to comfort myself – maybe something’s wrong with the bus. God’s trying to protect me and so on. Lol. I am so full of myself hahahahaha. What, I think every cloud has a silver lining, so maybe it happened for a reason? Anyway. Let’s move on…

Isn’t it weird when you meet tutors outside of the hospital? Hahaha, it’s like should I say hello or not? Lol. Anyway, you guessed it, I met one yesterday. Full on awkward. But I think they feel much more uneasy? I just find it funny. I’ve seen heaps of them around the city – Adelaide is very small indeed. Everyone knows everyone. Just like Kajang. Crazy neh.

I’m so sorry. I realised I’m jumping here there like siao. Haha. Too long didn’t blog – suffering from withdrawal symptoms kakakakakaakak.

Another random shout, my recent buys from Supre – real bargains! Love love love….

They aren’t ALL that nice – but it’s worth it for the price la. I just realise, I am a REAL sucker for cheap stuff. I knew I was one long before. Didn’t know I was that deep into it. I felt the euphoria rising inside me – oohlalalaaa~ I don’t even need half of the stuff I bought – just for the sake for getting a steal! I remember buying something I really wanted and when I finally got it – I felt happy. But not estatic. All because it wasn’t all that cheap. Aiyo – I think I really buy a lot of useless cheap stuff. Cause I always think they’re like soooo underpriced, how can you resist???? I should really get rid of this aunty mentality real quick. But it’s fun when I get good bargains – feel like ‘zhap dou gam’ (found gold). Teeeheeeheheehehehe~~~~

I’m getting my full braces next Tuesday! Right in time for me to diet and lose some weight. Been eating heapsss lately, my poor tummy – always stuffed to its maximum capacity and beyond. So yea, will be eating fluids mainly. All the pain for the sake of me patients seeing me with perfect teeth. I am so good to the patients man, ROFL. I wasn’t being sarcastic. Really! Lol. So yea. Will see how it goes… Till then, toodles!

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