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Cough cough..

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Literally. Sigh. It suckssssssssss. Not fever. Not flu. BUT COUGH????!!! Like the worst torture of all lorrrrrrr. Freak man. I had patients yesterday (both turned up miraculously) and was drilling halfway before the cough attacked me once again. Zzzz.. I basically have to stop. Cough. Drill. Stop. Cough. Drill. And thinking heavily they better freaking appreciate the treatment today!!! I know I’m supposed to be nice to patients. I was!!! Just that I’m sick, so bugger off ok? But the patients were exceptionally nice that day. Maybe they realised I was sick? Dunno. Quite weird…. But it’s all good. Better than when they don’t like me right? Hehehehe…

So I did nothing from yesterday. Omg. I’m supposed to finish my DLP and continue with Perio. Wendy lorrrr. Haha. Went with her to another Wendy’s place for dinner. Yummy food. HOW CAN SOME PEOPLE COOK SO WELL???????? I feel so loserish. Then we played this new electronic Monopoly game. It was really fun and interesting, except I bankrupt-ed the EARLIEST. Yooorrrrrrr. Those two people bully me nia!! When I used to play with my cousin and Chian, Chian always lose first oneeeeee! Haha. Cause she very lembik, not as aggresive, so always kena bully. Now my turn, kua kua.. Nevermindla, once in a while nia. I WILL WIN NEXT TIME OK!!!!

Haih die la. I have been so addicted to dramas lately. I was watching series NON-STOP. And not doing any work at all. And all this while, I have been promising myself to study hard this semester because I have been lucky to pass the first one. And yet here I am, being such a hypocrite, procrastinating with all excuses fathomable to living things. Everytime I get slightly motivated, I choose to finish off existing assignments. Study comes last. How to die la you tell meeee? And did I not say I have been getting premonitions I am gonna fail this yearrrr? I wish they were just bad dreams, but yet, I cannot leave something like that to chance. I feel so uneasy inside. Haih. I feel so bad ler. I am going to study!!! Chiannnnnn, why din you make me studyyyyyyyy?????!!!!!! *Cough cough cough*

Time to do some DLP. And I’ll study!!!! Maybe not now. But soon ok. Soon! The term holiday is coming afterall heh heh heh. Only one week and by then, I have two more assignments to worry about. So might put off studying yet again… So please remind meeeee T-T… Thank you thank you!

To another subject. I have been thinking about this for sometime now. And I have contemplated for a very long time if I should write it out. They were many times where I got so fiery inside I wanted to just blab everything out. But I know if I did, it wouldn’t have been what I really meant and would probably be just full of fury. Hence I tried to put it off time and time again. Everytime after I calm down, I forgot the reason why I get so fired up for. Omg, first signs of dementia. Anyway. It has finally come to a point where I think I really should have said something. All this while, I chose not to say anything because I hate confrontations. Because I know how angry I can get. And that we would never be able to remain friends after that.

To the certain someone. I’m sure you know who you are so I won’t bother naming anyone. I seriously don’t know how to write this, what’s more actually saying it. I know you value me a lot as a friend. And believe me or not, I do too. And it is because of that, I feel there is a certain line that one should never cross. I can honestly cross my heart and say that I have been nothing but nice to you but yet after all that, all I get was a ‘You are so mean’. I mean like seriously? I don’t know whether you really meant it or not, but to me, it totally did. I just find it ridiculous because after all that, all you see is how bad I treated you? And how good I treated others? I find that real insulting because friendship shouldn’t be valued that way. First of all, I was seriously not being mean at that time. Second of all, everyone has a time when they just don’t feel like being nice to others. I know I do because I have very bad mood swings. I’m afterall not without my faults, and I do acknowledge the fact that I can be quite difficult to talk to at times. Thirdly, you have your friends, and I have mine. Did I ever say anything about you being mean to me? Have I ever breathe a word to you about how you treat your friends? Never. Not because you weren’t guilty of them. But because I know that your good friend does not equal to my good friend and vice versa. I’m sure you know that too right? Which is why I find it ever more hard to understand all this. Since you think I was being mean, I decided to just stop once and for all, no interaction, so no being mean. It’s a cowardly way out I know and I’m sorry if I have done things to upset you, but I just needed some time to get over it. And when the time comes and you are still interested in being friends, trust me, I will be there for you. Just not now.


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