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I got this real random email a few weeks ago and thought it was kind of stupid and just deleted it as junk. And then I got ANOTHER of those ridiculous email and thought this is getting really kind of annoying.


Wtf right? Someone must have been using my email acc to surf matchmaking sites. Or is it? HAHHAA, I mean look at all the grammatical errors. It looks more like a scam. How’s HASMIK a girl’s name? And where the hell is Armenia man? Does it even exist? Lolol. And most important of all is, I am no excellent man leh haha sibeh siao, I myself wanna get acquainted to an excellent man (whatever that means) HAHAHAHHAHA *wipes tear*.

Anyway, to other random things….


WHAHAHA sibeh funny. Don’t you think so? Lolol


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I had the worsttttttt ever bus ride of my life today.If you think this is some stupid rant like, oh no seats left, or like oh no, someone’s breast feeding in the bus (which I think is uncool by the way, nothing against it, just that at least have the decency to cover up a lil, it’s kind of hard not to watch you know? Not like I’ m a pervert or anything, it’s just plain awkward…). It’s more like, someone pooped his/her pants. Wtfish. I actually hesitated before taking that seat, sigh should have follow my gut feeling because that passenger did look a bit like a bum, but I thought, don’t judge a book by it’s cover you know? I have always tried to sit next to girls, preferably Asians, but aunties or grandma have to be Caucasian lolol -again nothing against them, just that I feel more comfortable that way, I don’t like to invade other people’s personal space, especially when I’m not sure if they will be ok with it. I know it’s stupid and I think too much, it’s just a freaking bus ride, but aiya, I’m like that so how????? Anyway, before I digress further, SO I braved myself and sat down, feeling like the mostttt undiscriminating/unjudgemental person ever, JUST to knock the words right back down my throat. I totally regretted seating there OMFG! At first I smell something strong, like those oil essence thing, which I also hate by the way. That must have came from the woman in front. When I held my head straight though, wahsai, I literally smell ‘sai’ which means shit in my ancestral dialect. Uh oh, alarm bells ringing – someone pooped his/her pants. Sighness. How la? Why got people like that la you tell me? Don’t even bother to like clean up? Zzzzz. They say putting on make up is a sign of respect to others, I say making sure you don’t smell like shit surely trumps the list, no? It was like a whaft of smelliness then a swift of overpowering essence smell, and when mixed together, is totally strong enough to kill an elephant. I’m just a very mere human ok, why torture me like thattttt? I was feeling so dizzy, wanted to puke at one stage. Decided to like comfort/control myself by tilting my head to the side, listening to songs and close my eyes. My theory is, if I fall asleep then I won’t smell anything right? Obviously that didn’t work. I did contemplate getting off the bus and wait for the next one, but I really can’t be bothered. I know it would have been wayyyyy easier to just swap places, but I didn’t dare too. I don’t like to insult other people this way, even though in this case, he/she probably deserved it – I was almost fainting ok? I felt it’s a bit rude, and the politeness in me (seriously why did it choose to come out TODAY, of ALL DAYS FFS?) just forced myself to stay put. After an excruciating period of time which felt like hours, the person finally got down the bus, I was like, PRAISE THE LORD. But the place stilllll smell after, albiet not as strong, but still damn horrible. So I quickly switched places. And in a matter of minutes, I fell asleep and by the time I woke up, it’s SUPER near my stop. Luckily I didn’t miss it. Phew!

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Friendster inspires

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It amuses me how some people can be simply so.. amusing! They might be the most self-absorbed beings, but their confidence even in their not so flattering areas, are really something don’t you think? I find it soooo entertaining and well, desperate at the same time. But I supposed everyone has the right to feel ‘good’ about themselves no matter how they are? I mean I can be as self-conscious as I want, but I can’t expect other people to think like me. (Note: I am not thatttt self-conscious la or I’ll prolly get a shock looking at myself in the mirror every morning) Hmm. It’s just so interesting though. Like how different we all really are. Heh heh. Oh God what am I even saying. It’s like so.. wthell?

Anyway. Not going to put names obviously cause God knows what’s going to happened to my blog. Sure don’t want to attract any arsonist. There’s this one homo sapiens whom I saw in Friendster – well, haih, I’m going to sound very mean. But to my own defence, I actually felt sorry for the person more. Ok now I’m saying the person is pathetic. Nono, that’s really not what I meant. It’s just that.. Oh you know what, forget it. The faster I say it, the faster you read it. So this person really ain’t exactly the typical Friendster mui mui – that meaning not those 13 year old posing in their tube top and make up face with all the right angles, not to mention heavily photoshoped, you get the idea. Btw – I meant TYPICAL – so if you happened to be 13 years old and have a Friendster account, please don’t think that I’m talking about you unless if you think you are typical. But then again, my conception of typical is dfifferent to yours so ah what the hell, just don’t read this all together! What are 13 year olds doing in the internet anywayyyy?

So back to the story. This person don’t exactly have the most flattering figure – in fact, erm, very unflattering. Anyway. I just don’t get how can one can muster up the courage to camwhore and pose his/her face in numerous angles that doesn’t do him/her any favours AT ALL and worst still, post it up in a public network. Just like how I don’t get people who are clearly gorgeous putting up pictures of them with some plain old John/Jane then claiming ‘Oh, this is ugly me and my super uber hyper very extremely gorrrrgeous friend’. Like what the fuck are you trying to say? ANYWAY. So yea. Why are some people like that? I don’t know. Is it just me or that really – I mean anyone will be vain enough to not allow their ugly pictures float around the net to a group of unknown people and take you as a laughing stock, right??? Hmm. I am vain and I admit that la. So whenever possible, I do try to not let those disgusting pictures get posted ANYWHERE. Especially if I’m the uploader – like hell NO am I going to let my face scare anyone OK! I’m not saying those people are scaring people, but you know – you want to post then by all means go ahead, it’s your face anyway. But please don’t do that and then go with a caption ‘I’m so kawaiiiiiiii’. Like sibeh dots man.

Then there’s some people who always try to pretend sexy and yet trying to act like it’s all so natural. -.-””’ I hate those to the max man. Very grosslor. See d have to wash my eyes. Sigh. Especially those who purposely show their assets. Die die also have to squeeze the cleavage out. Oh God. And I’ve seen some who even attempted to mimic those professional model with towel covering certain parts pose. OMFG. There’s a reason why these things have to be professionally done!! Or else everyone would be doing it lah. What, you think you are very smart and only you can think of it is it? Like seriously, these people are trying to do what? Want to land themselves in FHM ah? Playboy? The next thing you know is a bunch of old pervert ah peks oogling at your pic probably doing the what’s not in front of your pic lor. You’ve just became someone’s subject for 18sx manipulations. Eww eww ewwww.

Anyway, on a happier note. Monday clinic ended today. Awwww. I like my Monday’s tutor best!!!! Every assessment is like, Lovely! Nice! Good! V. Good! How to not loveee him like that?!!!!

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– For not posting the Half BDS pictures as promised. Soon soon soon! I promised (muahaha, so overused I know)!

– For not getting back to u guys on the password thingy 1 day as promised! No internet at the moment, pls forgive meeeeeee! You guys are on the list, so no worries yea.

A little update on my doings. “Crashed” the Pharmacy pubcrawl yesterday. Crazy night. Pictures and details next time. Promise!! (I really willlll >.<).

Yesterday, I was at Payneham – was in the Supre big sale to pick some stuff for my friends. Should have done it the very first moment I looked at those cute dresses when they are ALL of a cruel size XXS (equivalent to size 0 I think?). Mehhhhhh. I need to gam fei liao, hmmmph! So yea, while I was walking back to catch a bus, aiyo, yesterday was a really weird day la. Sibeh unlucky lorrrr. Anyway, back to I was walking to bus stop, it turned out to be real filthy – lots of shit on the floor, everywhere! And a quick look at the ceiling (some abandonded shops), OMFG – there are rows and rows of wood, ideal for birds to rest, nest and crap. And then I saw the BIRD. Nola, I didn’t kena bird crap. I was scared of kena-ing, so stupid me decided to walk up to the next bus stop. It’s quite near. And when I reached the junction, a car was waiting to turn out. Silly me decided to walk in front of the car – too lazy to take a big turn behind it. And then the driver who was concentrating on the right side traffic, obviously didn’t see me, and zoomed out straight away when the road is free. Oh crap. I fasterly (wah, how come this word don’t exist, I think it’s a very good description lol) move out of the way. With no avail. Still kena bang. Calm down people. It’s at low speed, thank god. If not I think I won’t be sitting here writting liao. Live is so so short man. So yea, that’s my very first and light brush with accidents. Hopefully no next time. For the record, I didn’t panic. I was surprisingly calm during the “hit”. Maybe I know I wouldn’t be hurt? Anyway, thank you God for saving me!! I promise to walk behind cars next time!!! And to the lady who almost run me over – I’m so sorry!!! It’s actually me fault really!

Then the un-luckiness continued when I read the WRONG bus timetable. I went and took the other bus cause I thought I missed the other one – which is nearer and more convenient. Just to SEE the blardy bus passed right in front of me lor. Sibeh pffttttttt. But still I try to comfort myself – maybe something’s wrong with the bus. God’s trying to protect me and so on. Lol. I am so full of myself hahahahaha. What, I think every cloud has a silver lining, so maybe it happened for a reason? Anyway. Let’s move on…

Isn’t it weird when you meet tutors outside of the hospital? Hahaha, it’s like should I say hello or not? Lol. Anyway, you guessed it, I met one yesterday. Full on awkward. But I think they feel much more uneasy? I just find it funny. I’ve seen heaps of them around the city – Adelaide is very small indeed. Everyone knows everyone. Just like Kajang. Crazy neh.

I’m so sorry. I realised I’m jumping here there like siao. Haha. Too long didn’t blog – suffering from withdrawal symptoms kakakakakaakak.

Another random shout, my recent buys from Supre – real bargains! Love love love….

They aren’t ALL that nice – but it’s worth it for the price la. I just realise, I am a REAL sucker for cheap stuff. I knew I was one long before. Didn’t know I was that deep into it. I felt the euphoria rising inside me – oohlalalaaa~ I don’t even need half of the stuff I bought – just for the sake for getting a steal! I remember buying something I really wanted and when I finally got it – I felt happy. But not estatic. All because it wasn’t all that cheap. Aiyo – I think I really buy a lot of useless cheap stuff. Cause I always think they’re like soooo underpriced, how can you resist???? I should really get rid of this aunty mentality real quick. But it’s fun when I get good bargains – feel like ‘zhap dou gam’ (found gold). Teeeheeeheheehehehe~~~~

I’m getting my full braces next Tuesday! Right in time for me to diet and lose some weight. Been eating heapsss lately, my poor tummy – always stuffed to its maximum capacity and beyond. So yea, will be eating fluids mainly. All the pain for the sake of me patients seeing me with perfect teeth. I am so good to the patients man, ROFL. I wasn’t being sarcastic. Really! Lol. So yea. Will see how it goes… Till then, toodles!

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