Heyooooo =)

Hi people, to those who actually bother to check (which probably means no one cos I did say I am shutting this down but yea, just in case if there are any out there who still check for God knows what reason or just happen to stumble by, well welcome) Anyway I am back for nowww =) But not for long  I don’t think. Just one of those days I really miss blogging. Oh to those who did happen to chance this post, pls leave a comment like noted or read, whatever, just kinda curious how many ppl actually will see this cos I ain’t gonna tell people hoohoho.

Well yes, exams are around the corner again and just had dent pubcrawl last nite. Turned out to be one of the weirdest niteout but oh well, all in all, it was fun. Especially seeing some good old frens who I have lost touch to since the beginning of this year. It’s fun seeing everyone again, making that connection. I dunno. Just felt so detached lately. Hmm. This is not an emo post btw. I am just sooo looking forward to exams. Cos when that time comes, I’ll only have half a year left of my stupid five year degree. God knows how much longer I can take this. It’s been wayyyyy too long and I honestly do not know and don’t wanna know how I cam this far. Like those are the days. Just very much looking forward to what’s ahead and shit, there’s a lot of shit that I have to do =(. NOT GOOD at all. But it’s ok. I tell myself again and again, once this is all over, I’m gonna be freeeeeeee. FREEEEEEEEE. Yippeee. I C.A.N.T W.A.I.T. HoHOHOOHHO. Sorry. I’m being random again. Just typing whatever’s coming to my ind hence the rambles.

Anyway. Enjoying life very much at the moment despite shitass drama (when do they ever stop?). The only thing I am grateful is they don’t actually involve me so if I choose to, I don’t need to care hahaaha. I love being so cold and emotionless man. Save those tears and drama. Lol. That makes me selfish and uh cold. But who cares. You only live once so might as well be happy right? Ok this is getting no where zzz. Gonna go find some food. Till next time. Buh bye. (talking to myself obviously).


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Buh baiiii

I seriously have completely forgotten bout this blog. But I think it’s time. Yes. I gonna shut this down. So. To those years of blogging. Been fun =) But can’t do this forever. So yea. Thanks everyone for reading. Not gonna update anymore. Unless something major comes up. But I doubt it. Simply lost interested. But thanks to those who bother reading my crap. They’re not exactly fun. Boring nonetheless. But thanks for everythinggg, u guys were geat readers =) xoxo

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One of those effing days

These are the times I love having a blog. Just so I can lambast all I want. Been such a looooOOoooong day. Was supposed to be a good one, not to say it was crap but there’s just so many things going on at once, I feel really exhausted. Sigh. I dunno what has gotten into me, just not enjoying stuff I am supposed to enjoy. And ppl and things been constantly annoying me in and out. Just this day alone, I probably met all the weirdos in Adelaide. I dunno if it’s me or is Adelaide just filled with weirdos? It’s either that or I just have some werid ability to attract weird people. I am soooooooooo over it. And I’d sworn so many times just today alone. I just can’t stop swearing. Everything shits me out. Ah. It’s one of those days where ntg just seems to fit. Ntg seems to be able to do anything. Sigh. I was supposed to feel happy, yet I don’t. I was supposed to do so much more, but I just can’t be bothered anymore. Seriously, I don’t give a shit anymore. I don’t want to. Don’t care. And fuck. I should just concentrate on living my own effing life.

p/s I’m not emoing so save ur comfort. Don’t need it.

pp/s this post is not directed to anyone in particular so do yourself a favour and stop thinking that it’s you cos it’s not.

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My favourite subject for now. I know. So crazy. I don’t like the world load. Don’t like the amount of reading that needs to be done. But it’s so interesting. I love raising flaps!!! Andplacing sutures too, like yay? Lol. FYI I’m not being sarcastic. I really do love love O/S for now. Might change my mind later, always do, but yea, atm it’s real fun =)

Newayz. 12.11 am. Class  at 9 tomorrow. Prolly shud sleep. Since Ms Chai say one shud really sleep before 11pm to allow your liver to detox your system effectively from 11-12. RIGHT. Lol. Not that I don’t believe her. Just impractical. I don’t fall asleep easily. Insomiac. Can be real sleepy and still won’t fall asleep. It sucks to be me T____T

Sigh. Did something really stupid today. FMLFMLFMLFMLFML. Dropped something important. Sigh FMLFMLFMLFML. How the hell did it drop from my folder I have no effing idea. I HATE PLASTIC BINDERS. THEY SUCK. SUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. Note to self: when something’s lost, it usually is lost and PLS PLS PLS don’t bother tracing back your steps all the way back to dent school from North trc when it’s 37 degrees. Losing stuff is dumb. What’s even dumber is actually believing I can somehow find it back. FAT CHANCE I’d say.

Newayz. CNY in what. 3 days.  Woohoo. I hate CNY in Adel. Yep. With a passion. But hopefully gonna be better this year. Doesn’t take a lot ot top the shitty ones I’ve had. Gonna nom nom nom all the CNY cookies yayyyyyyyyyy. I am most excited about that part to be honest. No really. I’m not kidding. LOL everyone else is prolly going on and on about games or drinks, but for me, has and will always be FOOD =) Speaking of which I still havent fulfill my vegetarian promise oh crap. Will do it soon. Promise. Promise it’s not an empty promise. Dear god, pls believe me. Dun punish me k. I will seriously do it. Thank you for understanding.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone. Have a roaring tiger year =)

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First week of last year

Been back for five days. Was loooOOooooOOOOoooong. Can’t believe I said I wanted to come back to Adel before. Sucks. It’s so hot and school’s so long hours and I am so bored all the time. Gone are the late yum cha sessions with TAG. Gone are the spontaneous shopping sprees in KL. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. But neways. Came back with lots of stuff and was sooooo happy all my luggage manage to go through. My hand carry was really overweight – me thinks, didn’t actually weigh it, but yea, they didn’t check too, which was good. Then got off customs in a whiff. Well the wait was damn long, but when I finally got to the counter, the officer asked me a couple of questions regarding the food I brought over, and let me go just like that. No scans. No opening bags. Nada. I was so thrilled. Save me all the hassle having to show all the food and explaining what they were. LOVE MELBOURNE AIRPORT TO THE MAX. I think that’s cause they are so congested so they can’t afford to check every single person. Not like Adelaide, super strict le sigh. Plus I must have looked honest? Lol. Newayz. I had to go to Uni straightaway after I landed. Was so bleh. Clinic orientation was such a bore. Never fails to amaze me how the dent school likes to repeat all the orientation stuff over and over again each year. YUP. From first year to fifth year (yay, officially started as fifth year hohoho), it’s all the same thing. The only difference is you get MORE orientations depending on what you are doing. Sigh. Neways. That just means I get to laugh at other juniors *cough cough* eemay *cough cough*

The only highlight of the week was today’s scrub sessions at RAH. We had to do oral surg rotations so today we were taught how to scrub in. It was so hardcore though. So intense T___T I’m so worried that I will be one of those students who faint in first surgery. That will be so embarassing. Though it happens. But it’s so hot. Like seriously the moment I put on my mask, I’m like gasping for breathe. Somehow they feel so different to the normal dental masks we use. But I got to wear real scrubs for the very first time, yippee yay.Looked like a retard with the head and shoe covers but who cares. I’m in scrubsssssss. Lol. Had to wash our hands in the designated way, my hands never felt so clean before. Like seriously CLEAN. I swear I saw them glistening with sparkles lol. But RAH is too freaking huge. I mean it’s not that big. But when you are in there, it’s like a maze. I got lost trying to find reception. Zzzz. And the facilitator showed us all the different theatres and what’s not, I felt so lost. Didn’t know where I was really. I can already smell disaster – defo need extra time to get ready to account for time getting stuck in somewhere of the building. OH WELL. Luckily we don’t do surgery rotations often. But I reckon will be interesting. At least something different. With lots of blood. Ok that came out wrong. But you know what I mean. Lol. Meh next two weeks gonna be full on – having all oral surg lectures and pracs. Apparently involving pig. And teeth. And extraction. Hmmmmmmmm.Update when I find out =P

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3 days

Exactly 3 more days till back to Adel. During this past week or so, I’ve never eaten so much in my life. Le sigh. I’ve been trying to race against time, chasing up all the food I’ve missed, not wanting to regret it when I get back. But it’s such a stupid battle. Like I have nothing to gain really, except excess weight. Sigh.. I don’t even want to weight myself now – so scared that I’ll faint the moment I see the number T___T

On the other note, my uni timetable finally came out. Thank freaking God. It looks really packed. Sigh. And that’s just for precommencent term. Actual academic semester hasn’t start. I don’t want to imagine how it’s gonna be like >.< But I’m really excited though. Can’t wait to start fifth year officially hohohoho

CNY is coming yay. Two weeks plus away. But I’m gonna miss all the cny movies. So sad. Someone wanna download it for me? Pretty pls??? *riceball, wink wink* Yea? Lolol. It looks funny and good =( Sigh I can hardly remember the last time I’ve seen a chinese movie in a cinema. That was last year I think. Ip Man. See laaaa, I’ve been so deprived of canto movies sob sob. Okla, psot getting pointless. Gonna end it. Update when I get back. Gonna be scorching hot =(

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In the midst of boredom

Sigh. I’m seriously sick of blogging. Maybe I should stop altogether. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I cannot be blogging forever right? Perhaps a date. Like say on the day I graduate? I should just close this down forever and ever. One, for me being lazy. Two, don’t want my future employers to dig dirt up about me hahahahha. Three, I don’t think there’s much I can write here anymore =(

Newayz. Exactly 2 more weeks till Adelaide. Sigh. I wanna start 5th year asap, yet don’t wanna leave Malaysia. Adelaide’s is gonna be so effing hot. And the food and people and shopping in Malaysia. Sob sob. I’ll miss them all dearly.

And the stupid fever I have now. Damn irritating. Been taking lots of panadols and it works for a while before I start getting the chills again. So far nothing after 10 hours since my last panadol tabs – fingers crossed I’m all healed. Such a shitty time to get sick when I’m on holidays. Totally disrupt my plans. Sighhhhhhh. Sorry TAG. Had to cancel plans. Would have been heaps fun. But getting sick in Adelaide in worse, being all alone T___________T Just end up crying like why nobody cares, those are the times I miss my mum lol. Yea I’m a bad daugther. I’ll try to be better =P

There’s still loads to be done and I haven’t done anything. Sigh. Need to scan and photocopy documents, then get them certified before applying for police check etc. Doesn’t sound too hard, but the hassle! Oh well I better start now or I never will. Toodlez.

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