Stagnant-less…. for now

s0hMood > *sleepy*

If by any chance, u saw s0hp0h’s previous post which says this is going to be a stagnant blog, ingore it simply, well, for this moment at least. At this very moment, s0hp0h, smartp0h? wateva la, decided to be a smart s0hp0h. Anyhow, here’s a small update of s0hp0h’s recent happenings:-

  1. Handed in radiology assignment, damn relieve! Though the moment s0p0h saw how much the others had done, stomach start having butterflies, ok, hope s0hp0h don’t fail this.
  2. Downloaded the whole iPenny album (eh, any police or wateva seeing this, erm erm, what u see is incorrect, did s0hp0h said download? Certainly not, it’s just music streaming oni) and found out that there’s only one song s0hp0h like. Bummer.
  3. Going to get last term’s clinic grade tomorrow, fingers crossed it’s good.
  4. Had both alginate (pink algae gooey thing) impression and rubber dam (a clamp clamING your tooth, then fixed with a rubber sheet over your mouth – it’s actually not that bad, just s0hp0h’s descriptive problems) done on s0hp0h’s poor mouth. Torturous. Almost puke during the impression thingy.
  5. Of course if s0hp0h had it done, obviously s0hp0h DID those two things on SOMEBODY else (pity them hor), and hmm, it was kind of bad. Hmm….
  6. Attended a lecture by Dr P and realise, should s0hp0h really be a dentist? Kinda regretting it. What if s0hp0h’s left alone with this patient in super bad condition? Deal with it alone? What if the patient die? Then s0hp0h mah die? (btw, ppl who are considering to be s0hp0h’s future patient, you have nothing to worry let s0hp0h assure u, *wink wink*, rmbr, if u r not in SUPER bad condition, u wont die k!)
  7. Wat else ah, erm, shud be done ba….
  8. Oh ya, found out that my friend’s name Wendy Cheng, is actually also the same name for famous Spore blogger, XiaXue. s0hp0h knew XiaXue = Wendy Cheng, just didn’t click that Cheng Wei is also Wendy Cheng. Then s0hp0h rmbr-ed the joke s0hp0h said to Wendy (my fren I mean), luckily her name’s not Monica Cheng. Y? Hmm, use some imagination, pronounce in Hokkien. Still don’t get it, then pls ask Wendy Cheng herself. LOL

Dat’s it!!! Sleeping time zZzZZZzzzzzz~~


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